Nardos Naturals Shark Tank Facial Moisturizer

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  • Restore and restore dry, damaged skin with our organic blend of herbal ingredients, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and coconut oil. Nardo Natural Face Lotion nourishes beneath the surface to help restore youthful radiance.
  • Deeply penetrating hyaluronic acid moisturizes at the cellular level, delivering antioxidant-rich vitamins and minerals to soothe and heal. This contributes to greater elasticity and regeneration for silky-soft and smooth skin.
  • CONDITION NATURALLY for restoration of delicate facial skin. Our gentle anti-aging moisturizer helps revitalize skin that has been exposed to oxidative stress and environmental pollutants that make you age prematurely.
  • LOCK-IN MOISTURE with the emollient properties of coconut oil and jojoba oil. Nardo’s Natural Facial Moisturizer acts as a barrier, retaining moisture, protecting your face from harsh climates.
  • Made in the United States at pharmaceutical facilities, our highly organic moisturizing face cream is hypoallergenic and dye-free. It is paraben and gluten free and has never been tested on animals.
  • Shipment Weight: 4 oz.

Restore this flawless face skin of your youth in a natural way, without expensive cosmetic procedures. Nardo Natural Facial Moisturizer refreshes your skin, helps moisturize and soothe it with nutrient-rich plant components. Featuring a powerful blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamins B5 and E and emollients such as coconut and jojoba oils, our organic moisturizing face cream can help support your skin’s ability to hold more water, giving it a radiant glow and a velvety soft feel.

Hydrate your skin to perfection
Hyaluronic acid is known to help keep more than 1,000 times the nardos naturals shark tank weight in your cells in water, increasing it to fill and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. It deeply absorbs, taking with it powerful antioxidants that can repair free radical damage and make your skin less susceptible to environmental conditions. Nardo’s natural paraben-free face moisturizer that does not contain harmful phthalates in flavors and colors, is gentle and non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin.

We insist on high quality ingredients and production to create this natural non-cruelty moisturizing face cream.

1 review for Nardos Naturals Shark Tank Facial Moisturizer

  1. Victoria

    A very cool moisturizer for the face. He’s amazing. Very happy with this cream, it’s just magical. Thank you for this cream!

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