Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs, 20 Count (Zicam Nasal Swab Directions)

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  • ZICAM COLD MEDICINES FOR NASA CARRIER WITHOUT ZINC: Our zinc-free homeopathic nasal swabs help relieve cold symptoms and nasal congestion; contains cooling menthol and soothing eucalyptus. Get better soon with Zicam Cold Remedy, the # 1 recommended brand for pharmacists.
  • Homeopathic nasal swabs: It has been clinically proven that our homeopathic nasal swabs shorten a runny nose at the first sign of a nose, sneezing, or coughing. These nasal swabs are easy to use and gentle for a simple and effective homeopathic remedy for the common cold.
  • MULTI-SYMPTOMIC COLD: Zicam’s herbal formula provides multi-symptomatic cold relief to help open your nasal passages to make you feel better, faster. Help catch a cold with Zicam Cold Remedy products such as nasal spray and tampons or our RapidMelt tablets.
  • ZICAM HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES: Well-known Zicam Cold Remedy products, we also offer products to relieve homeopathic allergies, relieve homeopathic colds in children, as well as nasal congestion and sinus relief.
  • ZIKAM FOR SHORT CALLS: Homeopathic remedy for colds ZIKAM is intended for use at the beginning of a cold. Try Zicam the next time you feel your first breath, sneeze, or cough from an impending cold. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Zicam cold remedy
It has been clinically proven that our homeopathic Zicam Cold Remedy products reduce colds at the first use, so you can quickly get back to fun things. And we are a pharmacist recommended brand.

Don’t just treat cold symptoms, reduce your cold with Zicam Cold Remedy.

Zicam is available in a wide assortment of oral and unique nose shapes with a great taste. Choose the Zicam that is right for you.

What are the first signs of a cold?

You may notice the first signs of a cold just ten hours after becoming infected with the common cold virus, with severe symptoms 2-3 days after becoming infected. Common symptoms that signal a cold include:
Sore throat
Runny nose
Body aches
Unexplained fatigue

To reduce a cold, it’s important to take action as soon as you notice the first signs of a cold, or what we call pre-cooling.

First sign
You know your body. Take Zikam when you feel cold.

Chill here
It has been clinically proven that Zicam relieves the common cold when you take it at the first sign. So, take Zicam Cold Remedy every 2-3 hours and apply until symptoms disappear. Use as directed.

After a cold
Now you are back on your feet, but be prepared for the next time. Stock up now so you have Zicam on hand when you catch a cold.

About the common cold
Why is the common cold so common?

With over 200 different viruses that can cause a cold – and the zicam nasal swab directions fact that they spread easily – colds are the most common viral infection. Every year, people in the United States suffer from 1 billion colds. People with colds can spread the virus in the air or what they touch every time they sneeze or cough.

If you touch a surface containing the common cold virus and then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes, you may become infected. The easiest and most effective way to prevent a cold is to wash your hands and stay away from people with a cold. Clean hands can stop the spread of germs, such as the common cold virus, from one person to another.

Clinical efficacy studies were conducted with Zicam Oral Zinc and Nasal. Oral zinc products were included in a cold weather study in Cardiff University in 2006. Nasal preparations were included in the study of the organization of clinical studies of Palm Beach, conducted in the cold season in 2013. Pharmacy Times Survey 2019 published by US News and World Report

How long is a cold contagious?
A cold is most contagious during the first 2–3 days of a cold.

Active Ingredients: Galphimia Glauca 4X, Luffa Operculata 4X, Sabadilla 4X
Inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate, eucalyptol, eugenol, glycine, hypromellose, menthol, monobasic sodium phosphate, phenethyl alcohol, sodium polysorbine 80, purified, polysorbate-80, purified, polysorbate 80, purified chloride, succinic acid.

For best results, use at the first sign of a cold and continue to use until the symptoms disappear completely. Adults and children 12 years of age and older (under adult supervision). Open pipe. Hold the handset between your thumb and forefinger on the blue bar. Hold the base of the handle with your other hand and open the handset. Take out the swab. Use the medicine only in the first nostril. Using a swirling motion, rotate the swab 3 times into the nostril. While twisting, gently press on the outside of the first nostril to ensure drug transfer. Dip the swab into the tube again and mix to re-saturate the medicine. The vortex is still 3 times in the same nostril, slightly pressing the nostril. Dip the swab into the tube again and mix. Repeat the same sequence in the second nostril. Do not insert the swab more than 1/4 inch from the nasal opening. Discard the swab after use. Wait at least 30 seconds before blowing your nose. Use 1 tube every 3 hours, not more than 5 tubes per 24 hours. Children under 12 years: do not use

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  1. Victoria

    Thank you for delivering this drug! These nose masks are very suitable for me as I don’t like nose sprays. They help me a lot, a very cool drug.

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